Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to all your frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Photo FIx Team.
You’ll find all information about our services, pricing, how it works, payments systems etc.

We do offer a free trial if our clients want to see or check the quality first before proceeding with an order. And we always appreciate clients’ comments on our trial task. You’ll be offered up to 5 to 10 images as a free trial. What type of file format do you prefer to work in? No matter if you send camera raw files like CR2, DNG, and so on.

Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours. However, depending on how many pictures you need image editing, we have available options from 6 hours to 72 hours to suit your need. So you do not need to worry if you need expressive service.

We accept any type of file. It could be JPG, TIFF, PSD, or EPS even RAW/NEF Pictures, we recommend that you should send JPG file if it is okay with your end requirement, but of course, this is entirely up to you.

Yes. Our infrastructure was designed from the ground up to be highly secure. Your files are stored on state-of-the-art servers, protected by advanced firewalls and housed in our own certified data center.

Yes, but only for 28 days after the completion of your job. Then they will be automatically deleted.

We offer the professional photoshop service for any type of image:

  • Clipping path,
  • Background Removal,
  • All types of E-commerce photo editing
  • Color Correction
  • Any type of products photo editing
  • photos post-processing
  • Ghost Mannequin Neck Joint
  • Amateur photos retouching
  • Headshots Retouch
  • Corporate retouch
  • Product photo retouching
  • Remove image background
  • Wedding editing
  • Food photos editing
  • Boudoir photos Retouch
  • Enhancement Photos
  • Portrait retouch
  • Newborn photos editing
  • Image manipulation

We are professional. We don’t disclose/share any of the images you order. If you wish, we can sign the NDA paper.

It’s really easy to get quoted about the job you want to place. Just use our Free Trial form, fill them up and send your images with the instruction. Really we will reply within a short time as soon as possible.

We work for a limited time in a day (9-12 hours) and 6 days a week. Friday is our Weekend. But our customer service is always alert. Try us!

It depends on the job’s quantity and image complexity. We usually take 12 -16 hours to complete the job. If we need further time to complete the job, we will inform you.

Yes, sure, we’ve dedicated Quality Control Department (Q.C Dept) to check the image for its quality. We don’t deliver any single image without being checked by our Q.C Dept.

Absolutely, there are so many clients who send us ongoing projects over the week/month/year. If you turn, you can also have a weekly or monthly payment plan.

It is not important to pay before the work is done. At first, you expect your completed work and make some observations on it. Then if you are happy with the completed work, we will send you an invoice with all the details. Our acceptable payment methods are PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and Bank Transfer.

No, if you wish, then you be able to send any quantity of images. It isn’t a matter where it is just 1, 5, 10 or only 15 pictures. We all the moment appreciate your business and for all time try to provide as most outstanding service as we promising.

Yes, evidently. We make our own FTP account for each client through a different username & password. Just you & we can enter into it.

Yes, you can send them very easily via our FTP as there is unlimited space for you.

We use the server via unlimited space & you’re FTP and account are set to infinite. As a consequence, you are talented to upload any amount of files you wish. Although, if you use our web uploader to send your photographs, you are capable of still uploading any number of files/data at once.

You can contact us Via Mail, WhatsApp, Phone, Skype, and other devices but Mail is preferable.

We are using latest version of all applications for our editing house.

Your order is finished and returned you. Then we will send you the invoices via email. The invoice is included with the payment link. You can click on the link to pay directly using your chosen methods such as PayPal or Credit Cards. Alternatively, you can check all of your invoices in your account and if you see any unpaid invoices, select the invoice and pay. All the invoices history is displayed in your account under "My invoices" section.

We would undoubtedly have the money-back guarantee since we don't take advance payment, so there will have very few chances to get back the fund once you pay us. That is why we demand payment only when you receive the completed files with satisfaction. We do believe this process increases your trust in our quality of image editing services.

You'll get the discount if you can give us bulk images, Then we will be glad to give you a 15% discount. For our return clients who have been with us for more than half a year and have ordered for more than 3000 USD, there is a discount of 30% for any of your tasks within the next six months.

If a retoucher hasn't done what was asked for from the very beginning we'll be glad to make the corrections without any additional charge.

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