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Color correction, clipping paths, background removal/replacement, object removal, and other picture editing techniques are all part of the product photo editing process. Make your product photographs more appealing to people who are interested in purchasing them by using Photo Fix Team’s product photo editing service.

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Product Photo Editing Service We Provided:

Only $1.50 Per Photo

Cleaning and Retouch Product

Enhancing colors, eliminating inky shadows and correcting white balance are among the services we do to ensure that your product photographs will bring you money. Another stage in the process of eliminating all distracting things is cleaning.

E-commerce Photo Editing ServicesE-commerce Photo Editing Services

Only $0.75 Per Photo

Ghost Mannequin Service

Different 3D effects are used to offer customers a better concept of how certain garments would appear on them when they wear them. The Ghost Mannequin is the most often used approach, and we are able to execute this with ease using your product photographs.

E-commerce Photo Editing ServicesE-commerce Photo Editing Services

Only $0.49 Per Photo

Shadow & Reflection Adding

Customers' perceptions of items are greatly influenced by their shadows. To maintain a genuine appearance, we adjust shadows while retouching product images. Reflections are another significant change. This is particularly critical for glass-covered goods.

clipping path serviceclipping path service

Only $2.50 Per Photo

Recoloring elements Service

You may take a snapshot of one of your items and then hire our professional product recoloring service if you have multiple identical products that are all different shades of the same hue. A "flashy effect" is avoided, and all colors seem vibrant.

E-commerce Photo Editing ServicesE-commerce Photo Editing Services

Only $1.99 Per Photo

Reshaping and fixing symmetry Product

Changing the shape of a thing might reveal additional information about it. Using the liquifying approach, you may manipulate individual pixels without sacrificing quality. Professional retouching techniques are used to enhance the symmetry of your items.

apparel photo editing servicesapparel photo editing services

Only $0.79 Per Photo

Cropping & Resize Service

Distracting things may need to be deleted from photographs of e-commerce goods, weddings, fashion, and other events. Using Photoshop's crop & resizing tool, we may eliminate distracting components from a picture and better showcase a product for potential buyers.

E-commerce Photo Editing ServicesE-commerce Photo Editing Services

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Ecommerce Photo Editing Services

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* If you want a digital masterwork for your customers, you can be certain that our team of expert picture retouchers will adhere to your specific instructions.

Product Photo Retouching Services More Price:

Basic Type Images

$ 0.39 /Per Image

Complex Type Images

$ 4.50 /Per Image

Bulk Services for Customers with a Long-Term Contract

Photo Editing Services

Bulk Order 15% OFF

Discount for customers who purchase between 50 and 250 product images in a single order.

Photo Editing Services

Bulk Order 25% OFF

Discount for all E-commerce photo editing service during a month who orders from 250-1000 product pictures per 1 order.

Photo Editing Services

Bulk Order 40% OFF

Discount on all E-commerce image retouching services for a month for orders ranging from 1000 to 5000 product images per purchase.

What Does Product Photo Editing Include?

Color correction & background enhancement are the most important ecommerce picture editing stages. Cropping the product picture, adjusting the contrast and brightness, removing tags, altering the backdrop, adding a watermark, reducing noise, masking, and adjusting the margins are all necessary steps in achieving flawless results.

The process of image cropping removes unneeded elements of a shot, allowing the most relevant areas to be highlighted. Retouchers at FixThePhoto have the ability to crop your images to draw emphasis to the product portrayed.

Following our customer’s style is an essential part of product retouching. We can guarantee that customers will identify your brand quickly if we maintain uniformity throughout our complete product line.

Product photo retouching services applied:

  • Color correction
  • E-commerce editing
  • Deep shadows removal
  • Reflection and glare elimination
  • White Balance fixing
  • Lighting editing

Product Photography Editing: Clothes & Footwear

There are a number of ways we use Photoshop to help consumers see themselves in the clothing. Dresses, tee-shirts, jeans, and other clothing may all benefit from this method. As part of our retouching process, we also work to restore vertical symmetry and make sure asymmetrical garments look their best.

There are inherent complications in the process of retouching footwear products. Even if you’ve photographed shoes in a studio, filth and grime may show up and detract from the overall aesthetic of the image. The Fix The Photo staff can assist you quickly go back to looking tidy and presentable.

We erase wrinkles, enhance forms and colors, remove dirt and debris, add shadows, and produce an accurate effect when editing clothing and footwear. We’ll take care of any issues with reflecting components as well.

PhotoFixTeam can easily create a new look for any clothes. Our services are incredibly affordable, and you can see some of our work here. If you are interested in retouching photos of your shoes, boots, sandals, and slippers, don’t worry! We can help you do it in no time. Our team is experienced in shoe retouching and knows what to do to make them look perfect.

We will make sure your reflective elements are beautiful and will, look professional and last for a long time. We have the experience and the resources to do it right.

If you’re looking for a team that can help you with retouching photos of your shoes, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been working together for years, knowing what we’re doing.

Product Photo Editing Services: Colors and Watermarks

Colors are manipulated to achieve a precise contrast-brightness balance. ‘ To give a product image more vibrancy and brightness, we’ll sometimes bump up the color temperature. Customers should be drawn to an e-commerce site’s attractive image and encouraged to spend money.

PhotoFixTeam offers a watermarking service that is quite popular these days. Protect your photographs against unlawful usage by tagging them with your company’s logo, your brand’s name, or anything else you’d want. There should be no need for the watermark to stand out, but it should act as a deterrent to theft.

The colors and saturation of a product photo can make or break a sale. With our product photo retouching services, we can make the colors of your products pop without overdoing them. And since we use watermarking as an option, we can add your logo or company’s name to your products to increase brand awareness.

We provide watermarking and image protection for both personal and commercial projects. The watermark will not obstruct the original design of the photo.

What Does Product Photo Editing Include?

We offer product photo retouching services to people looking for a way to get their products out there. We provide a professional product photo retouching service to help you showcase your work and get more customers.

We have a passion for editing and retouching photos and have a wide variety of skills to help you achieve your goals. We can help you with any image, whether it is a stock photo or a client photo.

We can fix and repair images to make them look better. We can also remove blemishes from any part of the image. If you want to get your business noticed, you need to invest in a professional photo retouching service to give you quality results.

High-Quality Product Retouching Services:

We have a team of highly skilled retouchers with years of experience in product photography retouching. Our mission is to provide high-quality product photography retouching services to our customers.

As an e-commerce store owner, you need to understand your products well. If you don’t know how to do the image editing yourself, it’s best to outsource it to a professional. This is where we come in. We offer a wide range of services, from basic image editing to creative photo editing, to ensure that your images are always looking their best.

To create a professional-looking product photo, we can apply retouching techniques to your photos, such as bleaching, fixing, and sharpening.

We have a long history in the photo industry and have mastered our craft. We have a team of professionals specializing in various photo retouching techniques. If you need help with product photo editing, then Photo Fix Team is the right choice!

We have experience in many different areas of photography, including product photo retouching. Our services include anything from removing dust, to touching up skin blemishes, to adding a nice touch to a photo.

Product Photo Editing: Background & Noise Reduction

We are happy to help you out with editing your product photos. All editing is done not to alter the original image, so it does not affect its quality. 

Noise reduction is one of the essential steps in the retouching process. Even if the background is perfectly smooth, it can still be distracting. So we need to remove noise from a photo and then replace it with a new, clean background.

We are experts at product photo editing and background replacement. Our photo editing service includes various types of background replacement, and we can also do any product photo editing. If you need to remove the background, add a filter, or change the background color, we can do that too.

When it comes to product photography, the main goal is to make your product look good. This means that the background should be simple and clear. We can add background elements to your product photos if needed. However, it is not always necessary. Many of our clients like to use a plain white background so that their images stand out and the products are easily visible.

When shooting portraits, the background is essential. A boring background will make a face stand out too much, but you risk losing the subject’s focus if you try to fill it with something more interesting. The photographer asks us to replace the original background with something more interesting in these cases. The main challenge, in this case, is not to lose the object against a bright background.

Product image editing service is now top-rated. There are many services that PhotoFixTeam provides, like enhancing colors and removing imperfections in a single shot. This service helps to improve the quality of your products. It is also helpful to businesses. Enterprises use these images for advertising and attracting customers. So, they must be of the highest quality.

We use all the latest photo editing tools like Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photoshop Touch. We can remove blemishes, sharpen edges, adjust exposure and white balance, add filters, and even create unique designs.

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