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You may rely on Photo Fix Team to assist you with any degree of high-end retouching. Different areas of fashion photography retouching such as beauty, make-up and hair retouching, special effects and creative manipulations are all areas in which we have experience. Our high-end photo retouchers can help you if you need to edit high-resolution images for the web and print.

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High-End Retouching Service We Provide

Only $10.00 Per Photo

Body Retouching Service

To make a model's physique seem amazing, we use Photoshop to accomplish things like deep color correction, shadow work, and realistic body transformations. Sunless tanning and improved coloring are all included in this high-end retouching treatment. It also includes skin smoothing and tone modification.

High End Retouching ServicesHigh End Retouching Services

Only $10.00 Per Photo

High-end skin Retouching

With the use of cutting-edge Photoshop methods, our expert picture retouchers can make anybody seem years younger, fitter, and more attractive. Wrinkle treatment, removal of dark circles under the eyes, acne removal, etc. should be ordered if you want to use high-resolution printing materials.

High End Retouching ServicesHigh End Retouching Services

Only $10.00 Per Photo

Professional hair Retouching

During a picture session, hair is tough to completely manage. High-end retouching services are the only method to achieve a certain appearance. It is possible to have flyaway hairs removed and a new hairdo created by the PhotoFixTeam. Hair color may also be altered to give a certain effect if desired by the stylists.

High End Retouching ServicesHigh End Retouching Services

Only $12.00 Per Photo

Advanced make-up Retouching

We may adjust the color of the lips, enhance the eyes, highlight the cheekbones, slim down the face, and create themed digital makeup using various digital makeup tools.

High End Retouching ServicesHigh End Retouching Services

Only $10.00 Per Photo

Boudoir high end photo Retouching

High-end skin retouching for boudoir photography is required. A suntan look may be added, wrinkles and bumpy pimples can be removed, and it can be toned down. The face is yet another critical component. Enhance face features, balance out skin complexion, and modify cosmetics in this section.

High End Retouching ServicesHigh End Retouching Services

Only $10.00 Per Photo

Dodge and Burn Retouching

The Dodge & Burn method is used by our professionals to draw attention to some areas of the body while obscuring others. We don't overdo it when it comes to making alterations to the body as a whole. Studio photography necessitates the use of this high-end retouching method.

High End Retouching ServicesHigh End Retouching Services

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Bulk Services for Permanent Customers

Photo Editing Services

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High End Photo Retouching: Skin Retouching

Professional photographers are held to a higher standard, and they are expected to provide consistently excellent work that captures the subject’s greatest attributes in their purest form.

These photographers may benefit from PhotFixTeam’s picture skin retouching services, which provide the finest results possible. The flaws in certain photographs taken by photographers, such as closed eyelids, age spots, warts, and so on, may make the image seem unflattering. Skin retouching is a godsend to photographers who may profit from picture editing services in these situations.

Retouching the skin for special occasions might be significant since your images are supposed to appear their best. We are aware of the difficulties photographers experience when attempting to create their finest work in a picture session. With our skin retouching services, you are able to fulfill your promise while also leaving a positive impression on your customers.

If you want to have a stunning figure like the models in fashion magazines, Photo Fix Team can do that for you. We can also work on your existing photos to make them look better.

Our retouching services are affordable, yet we have a team of experienced professionals who can deliver top-notch results. Photo Fix Team offers an unlimited number of retouching sessions.

High End Photo Retouching: Dodge and Burn

To generate a somewhat more three-dimensional and eye-catching picture, Dodging and Burning is simply the manipulation of brightness (lightness and darkness).

In the end, the work is worth it since you will keep the skin’s detail and it won’t seem airbrushed. This procedure normally takes hrs for a shot depending on the pace.

To brighten or darken a region of a photograph, apply the dodge & burn method. To make a region of the shot seem lighter, you may utilize dodging and burning.

Photographs are two-dimensional (2D) images, but they must seem as three-dimensional as possible if they are to be attractive to the eye. The brightness and contrast of a picture may be adjusted to accomplish this. However, Photoshop’s Brightness and Contrast tools may produce images that seem too polished. These modest yet effective modifications to an image’s form and shape are made possible by the application of the burning and dodging procedures.

We are experts at the Dodge & Burn effect. It’s a great way to bring out the best in your images while keeping the rest of the photo intact. We make adjustments to the entire picture without going overboard.

The Dodge & Burn technique is a great way to make your photos pop. We use this technique to emphasize the most critical parts of your subject while still keeping the rest of the image soft and muted. The process starts with a basic retouching of the entire picture. We then use a selective adjustment layer to selectively adjust different parts of the image, such as the face, hair, and skin, while keeping other photo areas soft and muted.

Fashion Photography Retouching

Fashion retouching focuses heavily on skin and clothing changes, as well as accessory alterations. Wrinkles, acne, and other unfavorable traits are removed by our retouchers while preserving the original skin texture.

It is the job of the expert picture retoucher to create skin that is flawless while yet seeming natural. Without going crazy, we may also apply a tan appearance.

Afterward, we retouch the clothing to make them seem clean and fashionable. Another retouching process is applying makeup. With the use of Photoshop tools, our retouchers may either correct the original makeup or add a whole new one.

Fashion Photography Retouching: Hair

Hair retouching is an essential part of fashion photography. It is necessary for the client’s satisfaction and the photographer’s reputation. Photo Fix Team uses various techniques for retouching hair. We make hair look thick and complete by using multiple methods. We also use different techniques to give volume and fullness to hair. We can change hair color or tone.

This level of service includes making long hair shorter and vice versa. It also includes retouching eyes, teeth, lips, nose, and eyebrows. I will make you look like you have never had any work done before.

High-End Photo Retouching: Background

Photo Fix Team is an online photo editing platform that offers high-end photo retouching services to customers. We are a team of professionals that provide customized solutions for all types of photographic needs. Our customers include artists, designers, publishers, and others who need to have their photos enhanced to make them look great.

We have worked with many photographers and have seen all kinds of backgrounds and props, which can be challenging for the average photo editor. At  Photo Fix Team, we have developed an expertise in working with a wide range of backgrounds and props, so we can make your photos look their best.

For a client who wants to remove the background, we start by asking them what they want to use in the background. We look at the colors in their eyes and begin with a neutral shade. It is important to remember that this is just a starting point because we need to get the colors to look well balanced in the eyes.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Blending:

The majority of today’s photographers shoot in JPG format. This means that the majority of your images will not be able to capture the full range of colors that are available in your subject. The result is that your pictures appear washed out, lack depth, and look flat. Our HDR blending approach will help you overcome these limitations and produce stunning results.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography combines multiple exposures of the same scene with different exposure times into one single image. This allows for a more excellent dynamic range than average single exposure shots and gives you more flexibility in post-processing. You can use the final image for many things, including high-quality prints, web use, and even video.

Why Choose Us for High end Retouching?

At Photo Fix Team, we guarantee that you will receive your photos back in just one business day after receiving them. We know how important your images are, so we work hard to ensure that your photos arrive at you quickly.

We have years of experience in the retouching industry and have developed a proprietary system of retouching that makes us experts in this area. Our retouching team includes the top talents in the industry, and we have been featured on several magazine covers and in fashion publications.

Our team is experienced in all types of retouching techniques, and we can create stunning natural, beautiful, and flawless results.

Our company offers various services to ensure that you have the best possible results in your photo editing needs. Our clients receive high-quality services, and we guarantee the highest professionalism in our work. We offer a wide range of services designed to meet any customer’s requirements. We also ensure that our prices are among the lowest in the industry.


High-end photo retouching is an increasingly popular service that helps people make their photos more professional. With the advancement of technology, we can produce better and higher-quality pictures. If you want to make your photos look like a professional photographer took them, high-end photo retouching is the way. Whether you’re looking to improve your wedding photographs, are a professional photographer yourself, or want to take amazing photos of your pets and family, this service can help you take your photos to the next level.

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