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Jewelry retouching is the method of improving the quality of jewelry images to appeal to the market. We offer services that let your goods and products stand out from every other product. Our jewelry retouching services include widespread improvements like background removal, blemish removal, color correction, etc. Our Jewelry experts will help bring your jewelry to life, ensuring that the beauty and individuality of each jewelry piece are properly captured in your photos. Your jewelry photos will captivate and catch the attention of your target audience thanks to our high-end jewelry photo retouching services.

Due to the common problems that most photographers encounter, such as how to use mannequins correctly, how to remove strange reflections from jewelry, how to remove dust, how to avoid color casts, and other issues, photographing pieces of jewelry for promotional, marketing, or exhibition purposes has always been a difficult task. While taking the ideal jewelry photos can be challenging, editing the images with jewelry photo retouching services can help eliminate all distracting elements from the image while enhancing the subject’s appearance.

Our jewelry photo retouching services are the best as we create images that highlight your items. Whether there is a model or not, our team uses tools for light and color correction to make your jewelry appear brighter and draw customers’ attention to it. Contact us today for the best jewelry photo retouching service.

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jewelry retouching

Without the aid of jewelry photo retouching and other jewelry photo retouching methods, professional-quality jewelry images are today unachievable. It helps online jewelers create a shocking factor in each image while significantly improving the purchasing experience for customers. Despite your best efforts to persuade yourself that all purchases are made to satisfy material needs, various studies have shown that most buyers are motivated by emotions. Our Jewelry Photo retouching services are the best.

We will ensure that these jewelry photographs are ready to be printed for promotional or exhibitory purposes. We also ensure they are picture-perfect and visually stunning.

Our professional Jewelry Photography retouching service includes:

jewelry photo retouching services

Background Removal Service

Only $0.50 Per Photo

When taking pictures of your product, it could be that the background you thought would give the piece meaning and the right effect is the main reason your product looks less quality. Our Jewellry photo editor team in Photo Fix will help you make your product look fire with their Jewelry photo retouching skills. 

Many online jewelry stores depend on a display or another type of support to fully showcase the jewelry’s beauty. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings are frequently elevated from the back by stands or other similar devices.

We can separate the item from its background as we have professionals in jewelry retouching. Any unnecessary backgrounds and objects will be removed through editing, so the jewelry is displayed on its own as if standing upright without assistance.

jewelry photo retouching

Dust And Scratch Removal Service

Only $1.50 Per Photo

Even brand-new products are susceptible to scratches and dust because they are so common. These minor flaws can harm the potential for advertising in your photos. They can make your jewelry pieces appear unattractive to customers and make your photos look unprofessional. Work with us and benefit from our first-rate jewelry photo retouching services to avoid losing clients due to subpar photos.

 We can eliminate these minute flaws as a provider of jewelry photo retouching services so that your jewelry appears flawless in photographs. After you send us photos of your jewelry pieces, we can quickly turn those photos into attractive images that appeal to your target audience.


jewelry photography retouching

Creative Jewelry Retouching Edits Service

Only $2.50 Per Photo

We also provide top-notch, effective editorial edits for jewelry magazines and retailers that meet your needs. We will collaborate closely with you to develop the aesthetic and tone that best reflects your vision. Furthermore, the resolution of these images would be between 5,000 and 10,000 pixels wide, ensuring high-quality shots that would still appear clear and sharp when printed on a huge banner.

 We also provide top-notch, perfect editorial edits for jewelry magazines and retailers that meet your needs. We will collaborate closely with you to develop the aesthetic and tone that best reflects your vision.

jewellery retouching

Gold And Silver Recolouring Service

Only $3.50 Per Photo

Most online jewelry stores provide specialized and customized sizes and designs for the jewelry they stock. They frequently have jewelry in the same style made of various metals. An image of white gold metal can be changed into jewelry made of silver, rose gold, platinum, gold-plated, or 24-karat gold metal using Adobe Photoshop, and vice versa. You can avoid photographing the piece in all its iterations this way. Additionally, we can easily maintain the metal color uniformity throughout the entire collection thanks to our knowledge and experience.

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* If you want a digital masterwork for your customers, you can be certain that our team of expert picture retouchers will adhere to your specific instructions.

Bulk Headshot Retouching for Customers with a Long-Term Contract

Photo Editing Services

Bulk Order 15% OFF

Discount for photographer who want to edit between 50 and 100 headshot images in a single order.

Photo Editing Services

Bulk Order 25% OFF

Discount for all Jewelry retouching services during a month who orders from 500-1000 images order.

Photo Editing Services

Bulk Order 40% OFF

Discount on all edit Jewelry retouching services for a month for orders ranging from 1000 to 2000 images

More of Jewelry editing services

Mannequin Removal

Sometimes using Mannequins in your pictures can reduce the photo quality of your products. We can help you improve your products by erasing the reason your product isn’t giving that perfect look.

Focus Stacking

Focus stacking is the method used to combine several images, each with a different focus area, into a single result. One completely clear image can be created by blending, for instance, two images: one with the front of the image in focus and the other with the back of the image in focus. Due to the focus area restrictions of camera lenses, when photographing a product up close, the lens only focuses on a small portion of the product, leaving the rest blurry. Focus stacking is the best method for obtaining a sharp image of small items like rings, tiny studs, etc.

With the help of our focus stacking jewelry retouching services, we can combine different images with each piece of jewelry in focus. We provide a digital combination of the various images to produce a single image with the entire jewelry item in focus. Our focus stacking services guarantee that all blurred areas in the image are completely eliminated.

Jewelry Shadow Creation

The process of adding a shadow to a piece of jewelry with the background obscured is known as jewelry shadow creation. Adding a shadow makes a product seem more realistic and charming when the product has no background.

Given the placement of all the gaps, twists, and turns, adding shadow to a complex piece of jewelry takes considerable skill and knowledge. We have seasoned editors at PhotoFix Team who excel at complex object editing.

We also have different Jewelry retouching shadow creation effects like

Drop Shadow

Using the drop shadow effect in Photoshop, you can give your product a shadowy appearance at the bottom so that it appears to be resting on a reflective surface. By doing this, your product becomes more realistic and ceases to appear to be in mid-air. Your photographs look more appealing to viewers if you use drop shadow or product reflection shadow. Our experts are ready to help you with this. All you need to do is contact us.

Damage Repair

The process of restoring and recreating old, damaged photos is actually a type of Jewelry retouching. Old photos degrade over time and become damaged, moldy, and worn out. The PhotoFix Team modification service team assists in restoring the image as well as the memory associated with it.

The professionals at PhotoFix Team can repair your photos for a very low cost and with excellent results, if they have been harmed by mold, water, wear and tear, creasing, or fading.

Complex product shadow

As the term implies, photo color change means modifying the colors in a picture. The process can be applied to normal, washed-out, or black-and-white photos. A photo’s color can be changed, which calls for extraordinary photo-editing skills and completely improves the image’s aesthetic.
To find the ideal color for your washed-out photos, we research and observe color changing and how it impacts photographs at PhotoFixTeam.

Image Combination

Ordinarily, different jewelry items are depicted in various images. For instance, the matching earrings or bangles may be shown in one image while the necklace is shown in another. To showcase all the necessary jewelry pieces in a single image, we provide digital image combination services to combine several images into one.

Shine Improvement

The jewelry must shine uniquely when being photographed to capture viewers’ attention. Your jewelry will look beautiful and presentable thanks to our shine enhancement services even the most expensive cameras have a hard time accurately capturing the sparkle and smoothness of jewelry, which we can easily add in the editing stage.


You should improve the quality of jewelry photos and make them more appealing, attractive, and admirable if you want your brand to be unique and distinctive.

Our Jewelry photo retouching service can help with this. You can create a distinctive brand identity and improve the quality of your jewelry photos by working with a specialist jewelry photo editor. This will attract customers’ attention and motivate them to make purchases more quickly. Using jewelry retouching services to expand your brand has many advantages.

Make Your Business Unique.

When all businesses display similar jewelry images in their stores, you can uphold a criterion and only give the best, most appealing, and most desirable jewelry images so that customers view your store as the most reputable and trustworthy for quality. We can help you achieve this at PhotoFix all you need to do is contact us.

Improve Sales

Our Jewelry retouching services can improve the look, feel, and quality of your jewelry photos, making them more appealing to customers and enticing them to make an immediate purchase. As is well known, customers’ purchasing decisions are primarily influenced by photographs. Therefore, it’s essential to display jewelry images with fine details, true colors, and uncluttered backgrounds so that customers can concentrate solely on the jewelry and avoid being distracted.

Maintain Background 

It is essential to modify the background and keep it simple so that the background conveys the design of the jewelry and shines. Some jewelry photos have inappropriate backgrounds that pulls customers’ attention away from the jewelry. You can edit the background in jewelry photos to make them look more appealing and catchy while still capturing all the details.

Fast Loading of Pictures 

Because of the heavy jewelry images that take a long time to open, customers who visit jewelry websites that take a long time to load eventually leave the site. For this reason, jewelry retouching can make your jewelry photos appealing, light, and absolutely gorgeous so that your website loads more quickly and generates more revenue.

Business Growth 

After making all the necessary adjustments and maintaining a level of professional jewelry photos in your shop, you’ll be able to communicate with customers more successfully to increase sales and conversions, which will lead to an expansion of your company.

Improve The Quality Level Of Jewelry Photography

The best way to enhance the color, sharpness, brightness, and overall quality of your jewelry photos is to use a jewelry retouching service. High-quality jewelry photos are necessary for photos to accurately depict the jewelry’s details.

Fix All Flaws

When you take jewelry pictures, some of them end up with blemishes, dust, dullness, blurriness, and extraneous objects in the background that need to be taken out. Our experts will help you by using a jewelry retouching service, which will make the jewelry photos attractive, high-quality, and noticeable by fixing all the problems in the original photos.

Color Correction 

Jewelry manufacturers used to have to redo the entire setup for photos that captured colors that were different from the jewelry’s actual color. Not any longer. To edit the images and change the jewelry’s color to its true color, Our professional jewelry retouching specialists are ready to help you in this process.


Our team of expert photo editors has worked on a wide range of projects for various industry sectors. As a result, they have developed unmatched proficiency that enables them to produce unmatched photo editing results. 

 Get in touch with us immediately to learn more about our services for jewelry photo retouching or to discuss your needs for photo editing. 

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