photo fix team

Large File Upload System

File sharing process between You and PhotoFixTeam
File transfer protocol (FTP)
You can use FTP to transfer files or folders. FTP is highly reliable and secured access individually. So, we suggest you use FileZilla FTP Client software. Use it When you have a large number of images.

You will get free FTP software here:
Some of the free FTP software is available for all OS.

Operating System (MAC & PC)

How to use FTP for sharing files between you and us?
Download any of the above free software and install it on your computer.
Also, We will create an FTP account manually and send you via email within the short time upon we receive an FTP request from you.
for example, The information of the FTP access would be as like as:
FTP Host:
Username: your
FTP Password: We will provide you with.
Also, you will get a YouTube tutorial here:

Third-Party file sharing:
Specifically, Get here many ways to share files online. (Up to 2 GB per transfer as free) (Up to 2 GB file share as free)

Google Drive (Up to 15 GB file share as free)

Also, If you have any more asking please contact us feel free.