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12 Photography Types Every Photographer Should Know

12 Photography Types Every Photographer Should Know

 If you’re looking to improve your photography skills, you’ll be interested in this post.

These types are the most basic types of photography. The photographer who doesn’t know these types is missing out on the opportunity to create great photos.


 In this type of photography, the main goal is to portray a person’s personality and how they feel about the image creatively. To do this, you will need to know how to pose the subject and capture different expressions, such as the famous “smile.”

Portraiture is a broad term covering many different subjects, from family portraits to professional headshots to fashion to fine art photography and more. Portraiture is an accessible genre because it doesn’t require a ton of expensive equipment. A good portrait will always be timeless, so that a good portrait photographer can charge any price for their work, regardless of the subject or the type of portrait.


Wedding photography is a very demanding job. Creating beautiful and timeless images takes time, patience, and an artistic eye.

We believe that a wedding photographer is responsible for artistically capturing a couple’s special day. The best wedding photographers in the world have been around for awhile, and they have a lot of knowledge.

The wedding photography is not an easy task because so many things can go wrong, and you have to prepare for every contingency.


Documentary photography is about telling stories about the world and our lives. There are many different types of documentary photography: street photography, travel photography, photojournalism, documentary film, and even some types of fashion photography. Many times, a photograph can tell a story without needing any words.

It’s a chance for you to see how people live and what makes them special. Whether you are shooting a wedding, a concert, or a family portrait, you always try to capture each session’s beauty and emotion.

You take a trip around the world. You have found beautiful landscapes, ancient ruins, and interesting places to visit in your travels. It’s not always about finding something big, like a new mountain range or a waterfall, but rather discovering what’s right in front of you.


Sport is a type of photography that is often considered a form of art, as it focuses on capturing the beauty of the sport and the players themselves in a creative way. The main goal is to capture the perfect image that tells a story rather than just showing the final product. To capture the beautiful scenes, you will need to know the best angles that can be used to capture images and how to edit and post-process your photos to create a piece of art that will be admired for years to come.

Sports are one of the most popular genres of photography, and there are several different types of sports photography. While many people think of sports as an action-based form of photography, others see sports as a creative outlet for photographers. In addition to the action-based sports, some sports involve athletes being photographed while they are in motion. These sports include sports like figure skating and synchronized swimming.


Fashion photography is a very different genre of photography from portraiture. Fashion photography is often done in the studio, with a stylist or model posing in front of the backdrop. It can be shot in various ways, including the traditional fashion photograph, which is often done by standing the model in front of a wall and using a flash to illuminate them.


Commercial photography is a challenging job, especially when working for a well-known brand worldwide. Commercial photography is taking photographs of people or things to sell products. Companies generally employ commercial photographers to take photographs for advertising purposes.

Commercial photography is one of the most demanding professions in the world today. It requires an ability to visualize, be creative, and have a high skill level. Many different techniques can be used to create stunning images, such as using backlighting or softboxes, to name a few. The main focus of commercial photography is to create a powerful image that will make the client’s brand look better.

7.Street Photography:

Street photography is an art form that has been around for many years. The subject matter is diverse and includes everything from people to architecture to landscapes. It’s about capturing moments and using them to tell stories. Street photography is a genre that focuses on capturing moments in everyday life. It can be an interesting way to connect with people and capture a slice of life in a city.

Street photography has been around for as long as people have taken pictures with their cameras. Street photography was one of the first genres of photography. In the early days of photography, people took pictures with their cameras and developed the pictures in a darkroom. As the technology evolved, the quality of photos improved, and so did the art form’s development. However, the style of street photography has remained relatively the same over the years.

8.Event Photography:

Event photography is a unique genre of photography that is all about capturing a certain mood and energy. While a wedding is an opportunity to have your perfect day, a corporate event is a chance to celebrate the people who work hard every day. The best way to capture this energy is through the lens.

When you photograph weddings, you always try to capture the bride and groom’s emotions during their first look, proposal, or ceremony. You want the viewer to feel like they are reliving the moment, so you use lighting, composition, and props to help convey the couple’s emotions.

9.Pet Photography:

Pet Photography is a fun way to capture moments with your beloved pet. It can be a great way to get in touch with your inner child while giving back to your pet at the same time! You’ve had some of my clients do this for their pets, and it’s always a great experience for everyone involved.

Selfies are great for taking pictures of yourself, but they can also be used as inspiration for other photographs. A good example would be an image that shows a person having a great time, smiling, and enjoying themselves. This kind of picture can be used as a basis for a different kind of photograph that shows a person who is having a bad day but still enjoying life. It’s important to understand that a good photograph is not about the subject but the viewer.

10.Product Photography:

The idea of a product photographer is to show the product in its best light, emphasizing what makes it unique and appealing. Product photographers work with many different kinds of products and have to be able to handle everything from food and drinks to electronics and toys. Their work can range from fashion photography to product photography, and they can work with different kinds of people. They need to be good at shooting in various environments, like a studio or location.


Landscape photography is a type of photography that involves capturing a scene of nature. The goal of landscape photography is to capture a scene that is not only beautiful but also unique. The idea behind landscape photography is to show the viewer something they have never seen before, something you can’t find anywhere else.

Urban landscape photography is the best way to learn how to capture the city’s beauty, as it is often the first place that people see. While urban landscapes are often beautiful and serene, you still have to know what to look for and how to capture the scene uniquely and interestingly.


Photographing wildlife in urban settings is not an easy task. If you’re lucky enough to have a camera with you when you’re shooting wildlife, you’ll have to know how to use it to produce the best results. This is especially true when trying to capture an animal in the middle of a busy city street. You’ll need to know how to control your shutter speed and aperture and use the ISO setting.

Other Types of Photography:

The different types of photography can be confusing for beginners, but I like to think of the different genres as having a little overlap. The same goes for the different types of images. Some images can be considered landscape images, architectural images, and astrophotography. But, the important thing is to keep an open mind and not get stuck in any one type of photography.

The thing is, there is no one category of photography that encompasses all types of images. Sometimes, a picture straddles multiple genres, but sometimes the distinctions are very clear. For example, there is a difference between a landscape and a scientific photograph. It’s important to be aware of the genres you are working in and what they are trying to do so that you can be more creative in your work.

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