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Your safety and soundness are of utmost importance to you and your family, and that’s what we care about, too, as you are in those crucially wonderful months of your pregnancy. All those exquisitely lovely and enchanted tones are only waiting for you to carry them in a bucket of your life, which you will feel even from one pinch of your baby’s glance. As a result, we transfer our attention to those relaxing and enjoyable photo shoots that take place in our studio’s a controlled environment, making your shoot more private and serene.

Capture This Moment

These buckets of joy and love in your life are the sober days of pregnancy that are indescribably beautiful. It’s that time of life when your lovely annular baby bulge, which is a bundle of joy inside, appears so pure and amazing. These beautiful moments of your pregnancy deserve to be preserved in those eye-catching images that will constantly remind you of the love and care you have for your child.

How Does It Work?

creative couple maternity photoshoot studio

The ideal time to reserve our wide range of maternity services, where our focus will be on mom and bump, is at seven months pregnant. To be more specific, the photo shoot service can be reserved even when the woman is between 28 and 32 weeks pregnant. It can also be extended until 34 weeks pregnant, in the seventh month. We chose this period because we respect and value the customs that forbid such exposure during the eighth month of pregnancy. Health professionals strongly advise against maternity photo shoots after 34 weeks of pregnancy since they put both the mother and the unborn child at risk.

There are many different photographic packages available for your lovely backgrounds, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences based on your budget, specific requirements, and the specific features you wish to use. The cost of the packages varies depending on how many high-definition edited images you desire and choose, and most significantly, higher package versions include still / live video sessions. Our protocol calls for a thorough cleaning before each photography session.

Our creative couple maternity photoshoot studio is outstanding and viable shooting, and we decide where to have the session based on your ideal maternity setting. For the most efficient use of the entire photo shoot, we advise our clients to arrive at the designated hour. Additionally, we have accessories like a tiara, a mother, baby shoes, a stethoscope, slates, paper tags, seats, and a sache with us.

Creative Couple Maternity Photoshoot in Studio

Like any other maternity couple studio photoshoot, your shoot ought to be about capturing your individuality and honoring your special and amazing pregnant journey. Check out these suggestions for personalizing your pregnancy photo shoot.

1. Stand in Front of a Graffiti Wall

poses couple maternity photoshoot studio

You’ll find a ton of selfies snapped in front of vibrant metropolitan murals and striking street art if you browse Instagram. Why not use the concept for your maternity photo shoot outside?

2. Display Your Silhouette

creative couple maternity photoshoot studio

Maternity photos are all about capturing the beauty of pregnancy and taking pictures of your silhouette is a stylish way to show off your growing baby bump. These stark contrast images can be captured in a studio, outdoors in front of a sunset, or indoors in front of a window. The silhouette shot is a great way to capture the marvel of pregnancy, regardless of where you decide to shoot your photographs.

3. Consider staying at home

creative couple maternity photoshoot studio

You don’t want to take maternity photos in the field, so why bother? Think about a photo shoot at your house where you can be more easily and authentic. This allows your photographer the chance to take more unposed, natural pictures of you and your family as you get ready for the arrival of your kid. To capture the excitement of waiting for your child, you can take pictures of the nursery.

4. Choose the Closeup

maternity couple studio photoshoot

This is one of the great poses couple maternity photoshoot studio concepts are to take a few close-up pictures while you’re out getting lots of full-length pictures. Pay attention to how your partner’s hands and arms are entwined with yours, as well as that stunning baby bump.

Even though having shots of your entire body is nice, sometimes the cutest photos are the ones taken up close! Ask your photographer to get up-close shots of your hands and belly, whether you’re taking pictures alone or with a partner. You never know which original photograph might become your favorite.

5. Curl Up on The Sofa

poses couple maternity photoshoot studio

Although posed maternity images can be quite elegant, you can create a more personal atmosphere by having the photo session on a comfortable couch or bed. For a family maternity photo shoot, a relaxed, comfortable environment can be ideal for capturing those poignant moments.

6. Never Refuse Using the Studio

creative couple maternity photoshoot studio

A lot of people currently believe that studio shots are outmoded or tacky and prefer taking photos in natural light. However, studio pictures are much more than just a cheap backdrop from the neighborhood mall. In their studio, photographers have total control over the lighting and backgrounds, enabling them to take pictures that properly express your beauty and personality. Don’t hesitate to try a creative couple maternity photoshoot studio session if you have your heart set on one, even if you have an in-home or outdoor session already scheduled.

7. Include Your Older Children

maternity couple studio photoshoot

Without noting the necessity of getting your older children in front of the camera, a list of go-to maternity photo ideas would be incomplete. After all, we’d venture a bet that you’re not the only one eager to meet the newborn! A family image can also be snuck in during your pregnancy photo session before your numbers increase.

8. Utilize Your Baby’s Equipment

maternity couple studio photoshoot

The right prop can completely transform a picture. Dig through all the new baby items you’ve been busy stocking up on if you need some cute maternity photo ideas at home (or elsewhere!). Incorporating books, clothes, and toys into your shoot could be exactly what you’re looking for.

9. Make the Street Your Stage

creative couple maternity photoshoot studio

You don’t have to limit your outdoor maternity shoot to lakes and fields. Instead, think about taking a more urban approach and exploring the downtown area of your town. You may have a vibrant, contemporary backdrop for your photos with murals, cafes, stores, and even graffiti while retaining all the color and brightness of natural light.

10. Accept the Rainbow

creative couple maternity photoshoot studio

Consider a rainbow baby maternity photograph if you’ve suffered a loss. You can honor those kids who were never born while celebrating your adorable rainbow baby in your prenatal photos. Smoke with a specific color can provide a remarkable background.

11. Include Traditional Attire

creative couple maternity photoshoot studio

Why not incorporate traditional clothing into your maternity photos since our heritage is frequently central to our sense of identity? It can be a wonderful way to inject life and color into your pregnancy photo shoot and serve as a meaningful nod to your cultural heritage.

12. Use the Golden Light

poses couple maternity photoshoot studio

The “golden hour”—the period just before sunset—is one of the finest times to capture maternity images since timing is crucial when it comes to natural light photography. A gorgeous golden glow permeates everything as the sun sets, making for the ideal backdrop for your maternity photos. Be sure to discuss the optimum time of day to organize your shoot with your photographer if you want to capture these beautiful photographs so you don’t miss the light.

13. Honor Your Devotion to Disney

creative couple maternity photoshoot studio

Who wouldn’t want to spend the day in a princess role? Dress as your preferred Disney character for a dreamy maternity photograph.

14. Underwater Shoots

maternity couple studio photoshoot

Another well-liked maternity photo trend that results in some quite distinctive pictures. Underwater photography of your growing tummy. The reflections and distortions can create a truly fascinating appearance.

15. Pick A Different Area

creative couple maternity photoshoot studio

Sometimes the best photo locations are those you wouldn’t typically consider. Consider your local area’s natural attractions, such as a mountain backdrop, a beautiful hiking trail, or a quiet part of the beach, as an alternative to choosing a park or field. Be willing to try something new and ask your photographer about their favorite off-the-beaten-path locations for pictures.

16. Consider Using the Greenhouse Effect

poses couple maternity photoshoot studio

Choose a place that appeals to you personally. If inclement weather prevents you from having the outdoor pregnancy photoshoot you had in mind, other options include nurseries and greenhouses, which are unexpected but completely appropriate.

17. Blend It Up

creative couple maternity photoshoot studio

Maternity photography may conjure up images of a joyful pregnant woman caressing her tummy in your mind, but your session is entirely up to you. Try varied stances, whether they are serious or humorous, without fear. Show off your personality! After all, the subject of these photographs is you and your unique pregnancy adventure. Find positions, angles, and settings that reflect your personality or serve to tell your individual tale.

18. Keep it Natural

poses couple maternity photoshoot studio

The beauty of the naked human body can be celebrated in many elegant ways. A lacey robe and a strategically placed hand can accomplish a lot. You may give your maternity photos a more artistic feel by printing them in grayscale.

19. Play with Flowers

couple maternity photoshoot studio

Any woman can feel like a goddess throughout pregnancy. There is a reason why floral crowns have been at the top of the list of maternity picture ideas for a few years now.